@danecook- Perfect day pre 4th July BBQ. Thanks all that swung thru. Highlight singing No Excuses w/my friend @JerryCantrell


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ef=”http://www.twitter.com/SHAQ” target=”_blank”>@SHAQ & me from his #retirement party last night-wants 2do some #magic -Kool guy RT


@kelliepickler- Yellow hills and blue mountains… #CoorsLight

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@DavidSpade- Everyone loves this guy.

David Spade's photo Everyone loves this guy.  #keyjobcity
David Spade on WhoSay

@JennyMcCarthy- Leaving on a family road trip! Whoop whoop!


@KhloeKardashian- Classic Lamar! I love this man!!! Finger licking good!

@oliviamunn- Got a massive bruise on set of “Babymakers”. Nothin BadAss, jst ran into a drawer in trailer. *sigh*


@kara_dioguardi- Oh my god! I am on a bus x

@50cent- play that sh*t on your phone :

@richardbranson- Virgin vice: handcuffed Karolina Kurkova after a boat chase in Miami @virginatlantic